About The Author

When the hand of God literarily hands you HIS PEN, the only answer to the call is to write the words that He has placed within.

National Bestselling Author LaCricia A’ngelle opened her heart and her hand to the call when she was just a child. A native of Chicago, Illinois, LaCricia quickly realized at a young age that God had blessed her with an unrelenting love for the written word. Her first book was a non-fiction book she penned as a teenager, but prior to that book, she had written songs and short stories as a youngster.

LaCricia has always known that her hands were blessed. Prior to a successful writing career, she used her hands in the field of cosmetology and banking. She is also a licensed evangelist who loves to encourage others. And that love shows up in every novel she writes.

From childhood stories to a powerhouse romance writer, LaCricia independently published her first novel, Girl, Naw! under her publishing company His Pen Publishing in 2007. In 2016, her writing was nominated for a Steeple award. Currently, LaCricia has published eight novels and two short stories.

Her passion for writing has always been purposed in providing her readers with a message of love and hope. No matter what age, no matter what upbringing, no matter what you’ve been through, and no matter where you are in your life, when you read a LaCricia A’ngelle original, prepare to laugh, cry, pray, and stop to say “hmmm.”

“As an Inspirational/Romance Author, my goal in every piece of written work I produce is to entertain, uplift and encourage my readers. My characters face real life situations, and I write so that anyone who reads my work WILL get something out of it that impacts their life.” ~ LaCricia A’ngelle

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