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Fifteen year old high school sophomore, Lianna Champion, deals with the same everyday struggles of classwork, peer pressure, and special projects as the other teens walking the crowded halls of Triumph High School. The similarities end once the bell rings signaling the end of the school day when she heads to the daycare center to retrieve her baby girl.


Overcome by both verbal and non-verbal attacks regarding her pregnancy, Lianna reveals her history of sexual abuse to her teacher. Her revelation sets off a firestorm leaving her mother angry and seeking revenge while Lianna struggles with life as a teen mom. Will she have the strength to move forward in the midst of the chaos, or will she succumb to the predictions of the naysayers and become another statistic?

The loss of her fiancé, merely days before Christmas, has left Dinah less than festive. Despite repeated coaxing from those who love her most, she has sworn off Christmas and everything related to it.


Six year old Cash appears wise beyond his years, projecting an independence rivaling those twice his age. He believes he’s unstoppable.

When faced with a challenge too great to handle, Cash is forced to call on his neighbor Dinah for help.

Will Dinah be able to push past her reservations for the sake of a child, or will grief claim its next victim?

We often wish for what we don’t have.


The Christmas Gift is a short story reminding us that the greatest gift is priceless.

Antoinette Walker has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Those that know and respect her think she has it all; a wonderful husband, children that thrive in school, and a counseling practice that is growing by leaps and bounds. But when hidden things from her past begin to surface, they threaten to destroy everything Antoinette loves. Only God can give her the strength to continue to counsel other women, as she struggles with her own issues of forgiveness. Will her faith be strong enough to help her stand in the midst of opposition?

Jacob S. Render has gone to great lengths and traveled far in hopes of starting a new life. Haunted by his past and those whom he left behind, Jacob devises a plan to return home and reclaim what is rightfully his.


Always the chick on the side, Marie is fed up with the life she has led. Determined to make a change for the better, she makes tough decisions that will completely alter her life. With no one else to turn to, Marie seeks refuge in the only person she can count on.


When these parallel lives intersect, secrets are revealed that will change them forever.


Maxwell Lee, a prominent businessman and minister, has aspirations of becoming a pastor. As a bachelor, Maxwell is viewed as a hot commodity to women both at church and at work. Although he has his pick of dozens of women, he sets his sights on the beautiful photographer Lina Fairweather. However, his childhood crush Maxine Miller, is not willing to give up her plans of becoming his one and only. When a life altering deception is exposed, will Maxwell trust the God that he openly shares with others? Or will he turn his back on everything he believes in?


Lina Fairweather, an up and coming freelance photographer, is blazing trails since her move to Chicago. After recovering from a past relationship that left her broken and forever changed, she is finally content with her life. A chance encounter with Maxwell Lee reveals feelings and emotions she thought had been long buried. Will Maxwell's persistence be enough to penetrate her walls of defense? Or will she find herself nursing fresh wounds of betrayal?


Since testing positive for a chronic illness, Lina Fairweather has lived a life void of romantic love. When a minister from her church expresses a romantic interest in her, she lets her guard down and accepts him into her life, only to be left heartbroken. Seeing the error of his ways, he returns to reclaim the love he found in Lina.


Afraid to trust again, Lina must decide if she’s willing to open her heart up to love again, or will she settle for a life void of love?

When the wealthy, debonair bachelor Christian Tyler, a contractor from Los Angeles, agrees to take on the task of building a youth center in the small town of Bethany, Tennessee, he has no idea just how big the difference is between his fast-paced life and what the town has to offer— yet he remains open minded.


Shelby Lamar, a beautiful woman labeled by many as the town’s gold digger, sets her sights on the handsome new man in town. Unlike the town’s people, Christian is not interested in her past. What she finds in him is a man who sees her as the compassionate woman she truly is.


Will he be the one to teach her the true meaning of love? Or will they allow outside forces to prevent what might be the greatest love of their lives?


Everyone was excited about Christian and Shelby Tyler's surprise nuptials, except Iris Tyler, Christian's mother. Iris sees Shelby as nothing more than a gold-digger ready to cash in on the wealth her son has worked so hard to attain.


While Iris plots to destroy Christian and Shelby's marriage, billionaire Vincent Garrett enters her life, igniting a passion that Iris wasn't prepared for. Will her new-found love change Iris' opinion of love at first sight, or will her desire to end her son's marriage cause her to miss out on a love of her own?

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